Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum number of events to be eligible for the Club Championship?

Yes, you must play and post a score in a minimum of 3 WMGA events prior to the Championship. Two-day events only count as 1 event. The Dan Novarr Four Ball and The Casper Cup are nonofficial events and do not count towards the required three.

How do I qualify for the Club Championship?

There are 3 stroke play Qualifiers that you may participate in. From the 1st qualifier the three low gross scores from each flight will qualify. 2 will qualify from each of the 2nd & 3rd qualifier.

Is there a Senior Club Championship?

There is a two-day stroke play Senior (55 and older – Green/ white combo tees) and a Super Senior (65 and older – white tees) Club Championship.

Qualified for Club Championship Match Play and for Senior Club Championship, Can I play both?

You may choose to play either the CC Match Play or participate in the Senior/Super Senior Stroke play event as they all take place the same weekend.

What is the Dan Novarr Four Ball Event?

This is a season long 2-man team match play event. Refer to the Novarr four ball page for more information.

What is an upcoming event’s format?

Refer to the tournament explanation page for specifics. Should you still have further questions please feel free to contact the Golf Shop at or 860.242.1401.

May I use a caddie? Or bring a spectator?

Caddies will be permitted during the Club Championship only. Caddies must perform caddie duties include walking and carrying/pushing the players clubs. To clarify, the player cannot have his clubs on the golf cart while the caddie rides in the cart alongside the player

Spectators will be allowed but must be walking only, must stay on the cart path, and are not permitted to interact with the players.

Event Registration:

Can I register for my teammate or entire foursome?

No, everyone should register separately and place their requested partner(s) name in the comment section.

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation email?

Please contact the golf shop at or 860.242.1401 to confirm. In most instances the registrant entered an incorrect email address. Please double check prior to submitting your registration.

When does event registrations close?

Event registrations close at 12:00pm (noon) on the Monday prior to the event. This allows enough time to prepare tee times and adjust the Tee sheet for General play.

I missed the registration window; Can I still get into an event?

Maybe, contact the Golf shop at to see if there are any available times/spots. In most instances, the golf shop can find a place for you to participate in an event.

Pairings & Results:

May I play with the same pairing each week?

The WMGA is a social golfing experience based around weekly competitions. There are many 2man and 4man team events that you may pick your playing partner(s) you desire to play with.

May I have the same tee time each week?

Tee times are based on course availability and requests from week to week. The golf shop will make every effort to try and fulfill your requests to play at your desired tee time if within the WMGA tee time window.

When are pairings/results posted?

Pairings for the upcoming event and results from the event just played are to be posted by the close of business on Wednesday. You can access this information from the tournament listing and by clicking on “view pairings or view results”.

Flights & Tees:

What tee boxes are events played from?

The green tee boxes are the default tee boxes for most events.

How do you define the flights?

Flights are determined as follows (Green Tees):

  • A Flight – +5.0 to 7.9 Handicap Index
  • B Flight – 8.0 to 13.9 Handicap Index
  • C Flight – 14.0 and above Handicap Index

Can I play events from tee boxes other than the default green tees?

Yes, there is a Green/White combo tee and a white tee option. Check the following criteria to see if you qualify.

  • Green/White Combo Flight – 55 years or older and/or a 14.0 handicap index or higher
  • White Flight – A Combination of your age plus handicap of 78 or greater

*Please take note; Should you meet the qualifications and have chosen to play from tee boxes other than the default green tees you will remain there for the season.

What are the Match Play Club Championship Flights/Tees?

  • A Flight – Black Teeing area +5.0 to 7.9 Handicap index
  • B Flight – Green Teeing Area 8.0 to 13.9 Handicap Index
  • C Flight – Green/White Combo Teeing Area 14.0 and above Handicap Index